Partners in crime and in the cold!

Okay, enough with the slagging of Ottawa and the cold.  But really, does Prime Time have to be there in Februrary?!?

Just an update for you all.  As you know, we are hosting a special screening and party at Prime Time  so we can woo some government support for our cause.  The event is starting to come together, or at least our partners are, which was the whole point –


remember that unified front idea – standing together, fighting the good fight. 

So DGC Ontario was the first to jump on board emphasizing how much they &love this idea.&  British Columbia Film was the next group to sink their teeth into this opportunity and now we are formalizing a partnership with the CFTPA – BC Branch to establish a western presence in Ottawa during Prime Time.  They will be working with us on the event as well and helping us bring in some more partners.  We're getting a lot of excitement about this event.  It seems everyone thinks its a great idea.  Of course it is!  I know you are all interested in who will be joining this frontier, so I'll keep you posted and add company names to this blog as they come in.  We are aiming to secure 20 partners. 

Now we've got to decide what great Canadian film we are going to show all these politicios.   Any suggestions out there.  Send me an email with your thoughts to  We are trying to find something new to screen, but I'd love to hear what you think would get the most attention, weather it be a new film or an oldie.

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