About Us

What is First Weekend Club?

First Weekend Club is THE ticket to Canadian films. Since being founded in 2003, the non-profit organization has supported over 300 great films and countless talent. We give audiences a chance to be in-the-know about upcoming films, access to exclusive giveaways, video interviews, invitations to special member-only events, and much more! The best part? Membership is free at firstweekendclub.ca/join - Join our mission of building audiences for great Canadian films. 

Great Canadian Film is out there - help keep it that way!

Since the first weekend can make or break a film, we encourage our members to fill as many seats as possible during the crucial first weekend of a film's release.

Through video interviews with filmmakers & actors, contests, premiere parties, film alerts, and much more, First Weekend Club informs members about great new films and encourages them to attend opening weekend screenings in order to keep Canadian films in theatres longer. Hence the name, "First Weekend Club". 

Why the 'First Weekend' is Critical?

Canadian cinema faces a huge challenge due to competition from across the border, where marketing budgets of Hollywood films generally rival the entire production budgets of their Canadian counterparts! While film is art, it’s also a business and the bottom line counts. Theatre owners will extend a film's release only if the first weekend box office is strong. Enter First Weekend Club.

If You Tell Two Friends… and so on

We want you to help make Canadian film a household name. It's easy. If you like a film that we promote, then spread the word! To make it easy for you we've added a "tell a friend" function on our email campaigns so - *poof* – the word gets out.

Not All Films Are Created Equal

Our selection committee scours film festivals and watches as many films as they can before making their recommendations to the wise sages that make up First Weekend Club's board of directors. The board then votes on the films that First Weekend Club will support. Our board of directors consists of film veterans who know the "biz" inside and out. Find out more about our team and our Board of Directors.

While we post information on our website about many Canadian films, we only create email campaigns and organize special events around those we are actively promoting.

Introducing... (drum roll please)

First Weekend Club is bringing Canadian film online through our new streaming service which will make Canadian feature films available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We’re going to transform the Canadian cinema landscape by launching a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platform, which will feature some of the best Canadian films  available. Coming soon to a screen near you! Visit CanadaScreens.ca to find out more.