Canada, Feature, Runtime: 93 minutes

This crowd pleasing romance has won festival audience awards across Canada and around the world for its charming and universal humour and towering performances by its two Oscar winning stars. Cloudburst follows an aging couple, stubborn Stella (Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis) and blind Dot (Oscar winner Brenda Fricker) as they journey from a nursing home in Maine to Nova Scotia on a quest to be legally married. While on the lam, they pick up a young hitchhiker played by Nova Scotia actor Ryan Doucette. The road is long and rough, and Stella begins to wonder if she really can take care of Dotty in their old age. After 31 years, can they keep their family together? Features breathtaking Nova Scotia scenery.


Olympia Dukakis, Ryan Doucette, Kristin Booth, Michael McPhee, Marlene O'Brien, Randy Boliver, John Dunsworth, and Brenda Fricker