Canada, Feature, Runtime: 86 minutes

Through the lens of the camera, James Parnell, a seasoned correspondent for NBS news (Don Knodel), and his cameraman Tom Whittaker (Jeb Beach), embed themselves with a small town posse of nine brave souls from Hatt’s Creek, Montana that sets off into the rugged wilderness terrain of the Rocky Mountains to find a missing child who may become the next victim of what is believed to be a rogue grizzly... and to later discover that some things reach beyond the darkest realms of human nature... “All of us are God’s creatures, just some are more creature than others…”
  • Director: Micheal Bafaro
  • Genre: Feature
  • Release Date: Thursday, 28 February 2013
  • Writer: Micheal Bafaro
  • Producer: Don Knodel & Micheal Bafaro
  • Production: Embedded Productions Inc.
  • Distribution: Embedded Productions Inc.


Don Knodel, Steve Thackray, Jeb Beach, Jason Simpson, Jenn Koenig, Krista Magnusson, Arpad Balogh, Lori Watt, Tom Brushett Jr., Matt O'Sullivan, Johnny Gingell