The Disappeared

Canada, Runtime: 90 minutes

The Disappeared is a visually stunning story set on the vast panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. The film centers on six men lost at sea in two dories. With no rescue in sight, they make the difficult decision to row for shorea journey of over two hundred miles. With scant supplies diminishing, they are tested beyond human endurance as their captain leads them through the fickle wind, rain, fog and darkness. Dwarfed in this unforgiving realm between sea and sky, they fight to hold on as their strength dwindles and their will shatters. Desperation overtakes hope as the men are swallowed by their aloneness, even as they are bound together by the wooden boats that hold them. To find their way home, they must first discover the courage and compassion it takes to live and the men they truly are. 
  • Director: Shandi Mitchell
  • Writer: Shandi Mitchell
  • Producer: Ralph Holt, Walter Forsyth, Karen Franklin, Gilles Belanger
  • Production: Two Dories Film Inc.
  • Distribution: Two Dories Film Inc.


Billy Campbell, Shawn Doyle, Brian Downey, Ryan Doucette, Gary Levert, Neil Matheson