Canada Screens

After 12 years of bringing you the best Canadian films at theatres across the country, FWC is proud to introduce, a VOD service exclusively featuring Canadian films!

Canada Screens gives Canadian content a home, by creating a globally recognized online “cinema” in a cost efficient and user-friendly platform without a huge corporate infrastructure.  

Plus, Canada Screens will feature several Celebrity Curators such as Jason Priestley, and Zoie Palmer, who will help you discover some great Canadian films by making personal recommendations!

In addition, Canada Screens will offer a shared viewing experience as audience members are able to invite their friends to join them online to watch and discuss films together. 

Canada Screens is unlike other VOD services - we are not merely about consuming content - we are about audience engagement and interaction. Our goal is to bring filmmakers and talent to the fans via live online events such as moderated Q&As and panel discussion, and by offering exclusive complimentary content such as interviews with filmmakers, cast and crew, and including exclusive behind the scenes footage.

With exclusive complementary content, and a strong social media tie-in, Canada Screens is a platform intent on helping Canadians discover their own homegrown talent. 

The full VOD service will be launched in Spring 2015. Stay tuned for more details.