Identify your brand as a Canadian Film Champion


The FWC team with Board of Directors Chair, Paul Gratton, at FWC’s 2015 TIFF party


First Weekend Club sponsors reach approximately 4 million people annually through our online presence, email campaigns, live events and community outreach initiatives.

We provide our sponsors with exposure to film fans year round from across the country. 

First Weekend Club is a social influencer with an engaged audience and a strong Twitter ‘Klout’ that reaches upward of 30,000,000 people. 

We are an online content creator, boasting over 1.9 million views on our YouTube channel with filmmaker video interviews.

And we are an industry champion that has been promoting Canadian films and talent since 2003, earning the respect, endorsement and recognition of some of Canada’s most notable filmmakers, talent and industry leaders. 

Your First Weekend Club sponsorship will integrate your brand through a customized approach that meets your unique objectives including, but not limited to:

  • Branding of our red carpet video interviews at major film festivals
  • On-site access to opening weekend screening events
  • On-site access to our Canadian Film Celebration event at TIFF
  • Audience engagement through our social media channels
  • Targeting our growing base of FWC members from coast to coast

Reach film fans and screen professionals nationwide through a customized First Weekend Club sponsorship. To explore sponsorship opportunities further, and to receive a customized sponsorship proposal, contact Anita Adams at 778-846-1694 or by email at