From Volunteering to Doing “God’s Work” for the Canadian Film Industry

From Volunteering to Doing “God’s Work” for the Canadian Film Industry

Stories help us learn about ourselves and each other. We can see ourselves reflected in the movies we watch and gain insights into our complex human condition. After having worked on mostly American productions for years – imagine my delightful surprise when I discovered that we had an extremely talented bunch of Canadian filmmakers making incredibly amazing films! The revelation came when I was introduced to First Weekend Club through my friends, Priya, Anna and Kelsey.

When I was asked to volunteer for FWC back in 2011, I could think of no greater cause. Getting to spread the word about our mandate to get more Canadians into the cinemas to watch Canadian films, was inspiring to me. Attending the Canadian Film Centre TIFF BBQ and other TIFF events were an added bonus. TIFF ends up feeling like a family reunion where you get to catch up with old friends and colleagues you haven’t seen in a while.

Volunteering at the Canadian Screen Awards also is a gig that’s not too shabby…

My final volunteering experience was hosting a Q&A for A Fighting Man – where I got to go more in depth into the film and engage the audience. Actor Dominic Purcell and director, Damian Lee were very generous in answering my probing questions.

In 2015, I was asked to work with Fist Weekend Club and could not resist the opportunity to be more engaged with this great organization. Supporting and promoting Canadian talent makes me feel like I am helping people discover our national treasure. As Jesse Brown of Canadaland once proclaimed in front of a live audience with Jay Baruchel as his guest, “You’re doing God’s work”. For us Canada Day is Every Day!