What does Weird Sex & Snowshoes have to do with Canadian film?

What does Weird Sex & Snowshoes have to do with Canadian film?

Well, for me…everything.


You see, all the way back circa 2004 or so, I have somehow ended up in a movie theatre watching Katherine Monk’s “Weird Sex & Snowshoes” documentary about Canadian cinema. I didn’t really know much about Canadian film then. Through a variety of short clips, the film introduced my to filmmakers such as Don McKellar, Atom Egoyan, Guy Maddin, François Girard, Lynne Stopkewich, and other talents within the Canadian film landscape.  I was hooked.  Suddenly, Canadian film seemed new and exciting.

I began to seek it out, and soon enough, at a film festival lineup I was handed a brochure for First Weekend Club by none other than Anita Adams. Here was an organization that shared my newly-found passion for Canadian film…and I wanted in. Putting more bums in seats.

But here’s the thing: I supported First Weekend Club’s mission of introducing great Canadian films to movie-lover, not out of some patriotic duty. Not even close. I supported it because I knew there was some incredible films out there, and I wanted to make sure others saw them too.

Over 12 years later, I still share that excitement and whenever I see a great film, I want everyone else to share in that experience and talent. That’s what First Weekend Club is all about.

By Katherine Brodsky

Director of Public Relations & Writer, FWC