Discover Canadian films online!

Discover Canadian films online!

When you make the choice to watch homegrown Canadian films, you support local filmmakers! In the past, we’ve helped Canadian filmmakers see a return on their investment by asking you to watch their films in the FIRST WEEKEND that they release in theatres. Greater attendance in the opening weekend means a film will get a wider audience because it will expand to more cities and has a chance of getting an extended run (or two or three!).

Digital releases work in a similar way: if a good number of folks pre-order a film or watch it when it first gets released … it increases the film’s lifespan and revenue for the filmmakers. Now that everyone’s staying home, please help do your part.

Whether it’s at the cinema, streaming at home, or with a digital download – please support Canadian film!

A Guide to Find Canadian Films Online – Watch Free!


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