D-Day in 14 Stories premieres on History June 1st

D-Day in 14 Stories premieres on History June 1st

The 14 stories through the eyes of director Robin Bicknell are different but used to create an interwoven narrative, that shows both the great diversity of voices, something lacking in most D-Day/WWII stories, and the true heroism of that day.


In an age when one-hour-ago is ancient history, here’s why I believe we should all watch D-Day in 14 Stories: a film about a day that took place 75 years ago. On June 6th1944 we said no to tyranny, hatred and evil.  It was one of the greatest and riskiest military chess moves in history and for the most part, kids who hadn’t even begun to shave were the ones who pulled it off.  The aspect of D-Day in 14 Stories that I’m most proud of hasn’t been properly told before: not in Saving Private Ryan, not in The Longest Day, and not in The Darkest Hour.  What most people don’t realize is that African American; indigenous, female and Jewish soldiers were also there fighting alongside the thousands of young white soldiers in Normandy that day.  D-Day in 14 Stories is an unflinching and deeply personal look at June 6th1944 told through the eyes of a set of diverse youth that literally made all the difference in the world.

As the director of D-Day in 14 Stories, I was struck many times by the fact that I was asking these last surviving men and women between the ages of 95 and 100 to recall moments when they were only 16 to 20 years old. They were all able to recall June that day in vivid detail because they knew how momentous that day was. It’s been seared in their memory.  It is a privilege I won’t soon forget because even now, as the film is about to premiere, many of them have died.  It won’t be very long before none of them will be left to tell us what happened.

The great success of D-Day in 14 Stories is in the small, human and personal details that made up those 24 hours.  Without those details, D-day could risk becoming a chapter relegated to high school textbooks. I believe that if we have to make the hard choice to throw everything on the line again, the voices of those diverse men, women and children can inspire us to do great things again.

Robin Bicknell, Director

D-day in 14 Stories premieres on History on June 1st, re-airing the 2nd and the 6th. and then airs on Global on the 8th.