• Runtime: 78 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary Feature
  • Cast:

    Organists: Yuan Shen from China, New Zealand’s Thomas Gaynor, Texas’ Alcee Chriss III, Pittsburgh’s Nick Cappozoli, Germany’s Sebastian Heindl

  • Director: Director Stacey Tenenbaum; co-creator|co-director Van Royko; co-director Christina Clark
  • Producer: H2L Productions
  • Production: Stacey Tenenbaum
  • Distribution: Northern Banner Releasing
  • IMBD: IMBD.com
  • Screening Details:

    Montreal: September 27 - October 3 - Extended until Oct 10 at Cinema Musee

    North Vancouver + Ottawa: CINEPLEX Demand.Film - September 30 tickets: https://ca.demand.film/pipe-dreams/  

    Check for more individual screenings

Stacey Tannenbaum, director of the documentary, Pipe Dreams