COVID-19 and Canadian Film

COVID-19 and Canadian Film

An Update from First Weekend Club

By now you’ve received dozens of emails from everyone you ever gave your email list to (and some you don’t think you ever did) about how COVID-19 is affecting them and the world.

But as we practice social isolation, it doesn’t mean that it has to be all doom and gloom. We are reminded now, perhaps even more so, the value of cinema in its ability to entertain us and show us different places, lives, adventures, and experiences — even if we don’t budge from the sofa.

With the temporary closure of theatres, this is the time to band together and continue supporting artists and filmmakers by exploring their work — this time, online.  And we have so many options; from renting movies online through CraveiTunes, Amazon Prime and Cineplex to watching Canadian content for free on CBC Gem, Encore + and The NFB.

Together, let’s make sure we support all the incredible artists, film crews, and arts organizations during this difficult time (and beyond) by purchasing gift cards, making donations, and watching great Canadian films on various platforms. Art will help get us through this!

At First Weekend Club, we are also working on initiatives to keep us connected as a film-loving community, safely.  You will be hearing more from us on this soon, we promise!

Until then,

Stay safe and make sure you follow the guidelines outlined by the Government of Canada. We’ve got this!

The First Weekend Club Team
Anita Adams
Priya Rao
Katherine Brodsky
Alexandra Staseson
Anna-Lea Boeki