Lu’s Top 5 CanadaScreens Picks

Lu’s Top 5 CanadaScreens Picks

First Weekend Club’s Web Content Producer, Lu Asfaha, offers her Top 5 picks on CanadaScreens

Molly Maxwell

At its heart a story about trying to grow up too fast, Molly Maxwell follows a young girl as she pursues an inappropriate relationship with her teacher. Director Sara St. Onge offers a fresh look at this dynamic which leaves the audience feeling conflicted.



Rhymes for Young Ghouls

Mixing elements of animation and surrealism, this Indigenous live action drama dives deep into the world of the residential school system in the 70s as our protagonist Alia seeks revenge on the corrupt system.





Home Again

A rare fictional look at the undue burdens placed on immigrants and their families, Home Again follows three recent deportees to Jamaica. Having grown up in Toronto, New York and London respectively, they each struggle to navigate their unfamiliar surroundings.



This Canadian classic follows two headbangers coping with tragedy and fist fights. Shot as a mockumentary, Fubar has achieved cult status and for good reason.






The Trotsky

Believing himself to be the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky, our protagonist takes us through a hilarious journey to revolution in the public school system.