The Canadian Media Production Association (formerly Canadian Film and Television Association), represents the interests of screen-based media companies engaged in the production and distribution of English-language television programs, feature films, and new media content in all regions of Canada.

Prime Time: March 4th – 6th 2015
Prime Time:  Thriving in a Time of Change.
Prime Time will highlight new opportunities that build strong businesses and keep Canadian content competitive:
·         how digital innovation combined with traditional media offers exponential business opportunities
·         how forward-thinking broadcast and production companies are building strategies that capitalize on change
·         how new ways of looking at everything from partnerships to alternative release strategies can unlock revenue

In addition to international keynotes and plenaries, you’ll find new formats:  a debate, a workshop, lunch with…, and fifteen minute talks by emissaries from the bleeding edge.  We’re crowdsourcing to find out what you want, and we’re building out the conference app by stacking it with rich, value-add  information from the panelists.
Join the Prime Time community and you’ll join 600+ media leaders, all focused on raising our game.  It’s an exciting place to be.  Register here to get the early bird rate.