Grand River Film Festival

The Grand River Film Festival (GRFF) was born in 2007, springing from the knowledge that the Region of Waterloo is home to many people who love films, be they large-audience movies, indies, documentaries, shorts or experimental. The region also plays host to filmmakers who create their works using its streets and countrysides for their settings, approaching 150 productions and still growing.  Joining them are the growing number of people who are studying and learning the art and craft of filmmaking. The idea: bring these audiences together in a friendly environment to share and grow their enthusiasm for films. With seven festivals and counting, that idea has been and continues to be a solid success. 

The plans for GRFF 2014 are well underway. There will be some pleasant surprises along with the excellence of events that participants have come to love and expect. But to steal a line from Mr. Shakespeare, ‘what’s past is prologue’. GRFF is still growing, experimenting and innovating as is, indeed, the whole world of film around us. And GRFF is a part of this ‘community’. It will continue to strive to create the environment in the Waterloo Region where filmgoers, filmmakers, supporters, partners and media can come together to celebrate and experience the magic of films. We invite you to join us on the journey!

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