TAMAC (Talent Agents and Managers Association of Canada) is an alliance of Agents and Managers across Canada who adhere to industry best practices as outlined in our business practices, code of ethics, and inter-agency agreement.  We collectively works for the betterment of actors and other professionals in the entertainment industry; within and external of the Unions.  We strive to maintains cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with other institutions and alliances involved in the entertainment industry.  TAMAC also addresses concerns and opens dialogues in many industry avenues, including unions, government policy and legislation, as well as with cultural and funding agencies.  TAMAC prides itself on protecting the integrity of Talent Representation nation-wide.  We also work to educates talent on ethical practices and standard business procedures. TAMAC Member Agencies engage in representation of actors, writers, directors, craftspeople and professionals within the entertainment industry, coast to coast within Canada.  Currently TAMAC Agencies partner with over 150 agents nationally, who collectively represent over 25000 industry professionals.


For a complete list of TAMAC member agencies, and our industry partners across Canada, visit: www.tamac.ca

For further inquiries, or to engage in a membership: info@tamac.ca