Q&A with Liane Balaban on ‘The Great Seduction’

(photo credit: Entertainment One Films-Max Films-Marlène Gélineau Payette)

In Don McKellar’s The Grand Seduction actress Liane Balaban has to work hard to resist the charms of a certain young doctor, played by Taylor Kitsch.

First Weekend Club caught up with the busy actress for a quick Q&A about her latest film:

Have you seen Seducing Dr. Lewis? Why do you think that story needed to be told another way? (And this time in English)
It was a great film with universal themes that resonate perhaps even more strongly 10 years later: chronic long-term unemployment, loss of rural ways of life, and how communities need to band together in times of strife.

What seduced you most about the project?
Everything! I was already a fan of the original. Working with Don Mckellar was a career dream, and also the stellar cast: Taylor kitsch, Brendan Gleason, Gordon Pinsent, Mark lcritch, Mary Walsh who played my mother in my first film, New Waterford Girl.

What did you enjoy most about shooting in Newfoundland?

The breathtaking landscapes of Trinity bite & the warmth of the Newfoundlanders.

Don McKellar directed this film, but he’s also very well known to audiences as an actor. How is it different working with a director who comes with this deep understanding of acting, not just filmmaking?

It’s the best! I think actor directors are more intuitive and understanding of the best approach for each actor. He also understands how naked and vulnerable we all feel – how a confident actor with a sense of freedom and play is a better actor.

Did anything surprise you about the response to the movie from audiences so far?

I’m just happy they are loving it as much as I do! (And also the fact that it’s still laugh out loud funny to those who have seen the French version and know what to expect next).

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects, film or otherwise?

I’ll be appearing on Rookie Blue in a few weeks and just got back from Paris shooting a secret project!

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