Born in Ottawa, Vik Sahay is a film, tv, and stage actor whose career has spanned two decades across Canada, the US, and the globe. He has appeared in Canadian films such as ‘My Awkward Sexual Adventure’ by Sean Garrity, Mike Clattenburg’s ‘Afghan Luke#8217; and Richie Mehta’s ‘Amal.’ He has also recently starred in AMC’s LODGE 49, which was executive produced by Paul Giamatti, the CBC series’ ‘Our Hero’ and ‘Wonderland#8217; and ‘The Infiltrators#8217; which won the Innovator and Audience awards at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. But to many of his fans, he’s perhaps best known as ‘Lester,’ the morally challenged frenemy to the title character of the NBC spy-comedy ‘Chuck.’  In this episode, Katherine dives deep into his process, the most intense things he’s done for a role, and whether the industry has evolved for people of colour.

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